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Xena Movie Poll
Creation Entertainment is polling it's visitors for their input on the potential direction a Xena movie could take. This indicates that talks are, as rumoured, in the works for a potential Xena feature film (rumours also suggest that Lucy and Renee will reprise their roles as Xena and Gabrielle). Visit Creation Entertainment and cast your vote in the pop up window to determine when the Xena movie should take place (the choices are: a) After "Friend In Need" that brings Xena back from the dead. b) After the 25 years in the ice cave, but before "Friend In Need." c) Before the 25 years in the ice cave.) Vote now!

Lucy to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Lucy will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a new late night talk show, on Tuesday February 11. Check your local listings for times.

Xena Season One DVD's with Bonus Features on Sale!
Finally, high quality DVDs of the first season of Xena are available for preorder on, to be sent on April 29, 2003. Many Xena fans have waited patiently for this release, for the rumored bonus goodies and improved visual quality and sound in comparison to the current DVD's on the market. Read more at the studio's website or pre-order yours now.

Lucy is Lawless dot com Turns Five Years Old!
Unbelievable but true, five years ago on November 4th I put up a small tribute site to the flawless Lucy. It's been a rough ride (learn more in the site history) but to celebrate, I'm having a contest! There are six prizes to be won, so check out the contest page for full details! Winners have been announced! Check the contest page for details.

Lucy Narrates tour of Middle Earth
Join Lucy at 100% New Zealand as she takes you through the landscapes that were the filming locations for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Lucy Lawless to Go on Singing Tour
Lucy will test her vocal chords on a 11 venue tour in New Zealand, where she will perform cover songs with rocker Dave Dobbyn. More information is available from Stuff newspaper articles The Odd Couple and Loyal Lucy swaps swords for songs.

Sign the Petition to Have Xena Made into a Wax Figure
Encourage the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to create Lucy's likeness in her Xena costume by signing here.

The Lucy is Lawless Store is Open!
Just in time for the holiday season, we've got all of the best Lucy Lawless and Xena: Warrior Princess products on one convenient page. Make shopping for your Xenite (or yourself) easier by visiting the store and browsing through all the movies, music and books, available in partnership with

Lucy agrees to Join Renee O'Connor at Pasadena Convention!
Creation Entertainment reports: "LUCY LAWLESS and RENEE O'CONNOR have graciously accepted our invitation to attend this year's convention, pending work commitments. Lucy and Renee look forward to seeing everyone and sharing time with fans from around the world! Lucy and Renee will be starring in Saturday Evening's Show: TWO WOMEN: ONE NIGHT A Theatrical Celebration". More information is available at Creation Entertainment.

New Series Hosted by Lucy
TV Satellite Weekly reports: "Lucy Lawless may have laid the cult character Xena:Warrior Princess to rest, but she certainly hasn't turned her back on the battlefield. The New Zealand born actress will sound her war cry once more when she fronts the Discovery series WARRIOR WOMEN. Slated for next Summer, the five part production takes
Lawless to the UK, France and the US on the trail of Joan of Arc, Boadicea and Mulan. But will she, we wonder, be wielding her metal bra and chakram?" Please note that this was reported in the UK, so it may not air in the US. Check back later for more details.


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I'll Make You Happy I'll Make You Happy
This comedy on DVD is full of Xena and Hercules stars.

Hercules Trilogy Hercules Trilogy See the Warrior Princess make her stunning debut on this DVD.

Living Life Out Loud Living Life Out Loud
Twenty two inspiring New Zealand women share their wisdom. Lucy's in it! Paperback